WNC-Poly was founded in the mid 1990s by a female couple. Over the years WNC-Poly has grown in membership into the hundreds of like minded members who discuss poly related issues. As in any relationships questions arise and the combined experience of this poly community can assist others when needed in finding answers or often just serve as a resource to find friends who share beliefs and can meet up and spend time with. Many powerful friendships have been created through this group over the years. It has been a source of strength, familiarity and support through networking to bring the area poly community together.


WNC-Poly is based in Asheville N.C. and the vast majority of it's members are from WNC. However we do have some members from SC. Tn and Ga.


WNC is not a personals service nor do we condone anyone using the group to attempt to find romantic relationships. This simply is not our purpose. WNC-Poly is a chat group and monthly meeting resource for like minded individuals to discuss and network with the mindset of creating an area poly community. You may subscribe to the discussion group by this link. You will be asked to describe your interest in poly and in general why you wish to join the group. We work very hard to filter out anyone who would disrupt the chats or create an uncomfortable forum for frank and open discussions.

The group mailing list address is:- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WNC-Poly/

Tip - Sometimes Polyamory is spelled Polyamori.
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